Chain Link Fence

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Nowadays, many homeowners in the United States are installing chain link fences for their residential homes. This type of fencing can properly enclose your property or an area that needs to be safely secured. Any large area of land or a big field would greatly benefit from this type of fencing. Many institutions and public areas utilize them, such as schools, playgrounds, zoos, pools, parks, sports arenas, etc. One benefit is that people are able to see through the fence, giving a view of the other side. The main goal of the fence is to enclose areas.

However, they are just as suitable for a smaller area, such as your backyard or residential home, if you need to divide your land separately from your neighbors, or need protection for your children and pets from strangers. But this type of fencing does not offer the best privacy compared to other fences, due to visibility. You may have a green or black windscreen, which blends into the background’s landscape, added on if you’d like to provide a little more privacy.

For increased security, fence toppers of barbed wire or razor wire can be placed on the fence. This would be ideal for institutions such as prisons or high security, private property areas.


If you’re on a budget consider selecting this type of fence. A wonderful advantage is that it is very affordable to install. Labor costs are lower because it is easier to install. In contrast to other fences, you won’t need to do any frequent maintenance for a chain-link fence, which also means you won’t have to budget much for it.


There are many different options in terms of materials, size, and colors to pick from. This type of fence can be built with either stainless steel or aluminum. Most go with stainless steel because it is a stronger material. You may select your preference in terms of height, whether you need a fence that is 3ft or 12ft tall. Also, you can pick from a wide range of colors of white, grey, black, brown, green, and red, if you’d like to match the aesthetics of your building.

Easy Maintenance

The great thing about this type of fencing is that it does not need much maintenance. In fact, the most you may need to do is clean it with soap and water from time to time.


Stainless steel is a highly recommended material for this type of fence due to its strength and durability. For extra protection, it’s possible to have the fence reinforced into the ground.

Easy Installation

Luckily installation is simple and easy; therefore a lot more affordable.

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